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Advance copy of Nevertell

Nevertell is my debut novel. Which means I am completely new to this process, and every stage of the journey towards publication is more or less a surprise. Which also means I had nooooooo idea I would be getting a copy of Nevertell through the post in advance of its release date in November. But in spite of my ignorance, that’s exactly what happened today.

I’ll be honest. I had a moment when I pulled it out of the envelope when I thought, am I going to cry? But then I had to remove it from my kid before he turned it into a telescope, so that soon passed. It is beautiful though. The title is coppery and shiny. SHINY, I tell you.

Needless to say I’m completely stoked, and can’t wait to see this out in the world. I hope you love it as much as I do.